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Hi. I’m Tim Cowley and these days I spend quite a bit of time helping non-profits and other humanitarian groups with their storytelling. Good stories these days need media assets, like video & photo & audio clips, to help set the scene and provide what we call “b roll”. I’m constantly on the hunt for media clips I can use for my own storytelling practice and know that a lot of us are in the same place.

The idea came about a few years ago: what if there was a way that we could collaborate better with people out there gathering this footage? Much of it is going up on YouTube and Vimeo and this site could be organized in such a way that we simply redirect our users to the content creators.

Content will be arranged by region or genre and NGO Stock just plays the middleman: we tell you about, better yet show you, the content creators who have decided to partner with us.

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  1. doesn’t take a commission

  2. We just help you find footage from the regions or within the genres you are looking for by putting some content in front of you, so think of us more like a referral service

  3. It is up to site users to properly contact the content creator to arrange use as needed

  4. It is always a good idea to ensure that the footage used has the proper permissions needed for your project (we are not responsible for obtaining that)

  5. Content creators will choose their own price and pay arrangements, if any, and are independent contractors

  6. Content on this site may not be used without written authorization from the content creators

  7. We value people over profit. As part of this philosophy we choose to stay away from ‘poverty porn’ imagery that demeans people or places

  8. aims to keep things simple by not hosting videos on this site, but merely linking to pre-existing channels

  9. EDITING should be done using simple cuts (no fades), no color correction, no time alteration

  10. FORMAT should be as high resolution as possible

  11. See this link to see what Pond5 recommends (though we don’t mind have multiple clips strung together)

  12. Feel free to link what you already have online even if they don’t follow guidelines from #9-10 because it is still useful and allows site visitors to know what they may be able to request if they need an altered version (speed, color, angle, etc.)

  13. You do not have to be a professional to participate as even lower resolution/quality footage is highly sought after if it comes from a place where there is not a lot of available content

We are not the answer to the mysteries of life, but at least we’re trying something.
— Tim Cowley, site founder