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Meet Bernad, an elderly Yawo man from northern Mozambique who suffers from a mysterious illness. Travel along with him as he searches for answers while navigating the health care system available to him in his rural African context. In Ciyawo with English subtitles. (Portuguese and German versions also available).
An inside look at Friday prayers as done by the Yawo Muslim people of Chanika village, Mandimba, Mozambique. 5-min rough cut.
From the pages of Tim's personal diary: kayaking the Lugenda River of northern Mozambique. A June 2014 adventure with expat friends living and working in Niassa Province. More pics and blog posts at
This clip shows some of the elements of a Yawo Muslim funeral as displayed at a March, 2015 funeral ceremony held in Mandimba, Mozambique for a highly respected Muslim sheik who passed away at nearly 103 years of age. (As a local filmmaker, I was asked to film the ceremony in its entirety.) This funeral is different from most in that there were an unusually high number of visitors who came to participate, the number of sheiks was much larger than normal due to his high position, and he was buried outside a village mosque rather than the graveyard and the body transported by car. Women typically do not see the prayers, transport the body, or go to the site of burial (as evidenced by only men being present). (This video is uploaded for educational purposes and no offense is intended to the Muslim Yawo people.)
Invited over some Yao neighbor ladies to show off some traditional dancing as we had visitors from the U.S. with us in northern Mozambique. There was singing about: 1) "the entrance", always starting from off "stage" - praising the government for the things they are bringing to develop the area, 2) another praise song for the chief and the campaign that eventually brought him to recognition by the powers that be (a recent event in our village), 3) yet another song talking about how they are happy and this year they have mpango (head scarf from the govt party), malaja (shirt from the govt party), etc. 4) "chika" - another song praising the chief 5) a song that praises a number of different things. Yup, the chief and the azungus (us whites and our visitors), the fact that they are being filmed - all spontaneous celebrations thrown in as the leader of the song passes from one to the other 6) the hip thrust song - having a lot of fun passing from woman to woman - not sure what that's about but hip thrusts are in about every song here Afterwards, I try to convince them to do some sikili songs (a religious style we like) or something that we can participate in. So they teach us a line dance. And as a special treat, we show them a hip hop number that Gabe has been working on. Not sure what they thought of that, but at least it was fun to watch.
Based in the Mangochi District of Malawi, the Ciyawo-English Dictionary Project is an ongoing effort to produce a bilingual learner’s dictionary in the Ciyawo and English languages.

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Lets ride across Tunisia! Explore dirt roads, countryside villages, medinas, souks and the infamous El Jem. This and more all from the vantage point of a motorcycle! Music: Beautiful Day by U2 This video is about my personal journey and the music is from my iTunes library. There is no commercial benefit.
Algeria! Its big and impressive. The people, the food and of course the geography is stunning! Go off the Beaten Path to a nation very few visit, much less on a motorcycle!
A Motorcycle and Monkeys in Morocco. Will Matthew win an arm wrestling contest with the Moroccan Popeye? Matthew gives you a picture of the nation like you have never seen before.