Contributor Profile: Micah Trostle

Micah Trostle set up Trostle Films so that he could “create things that influence people to think diversely and live a life they take pride in.” His desire for people to think differently, more globally even, was ingrained in him from childhood as Micah grew up as a Third Culture Kid in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, an island nation in the Pacific.

He remembers seeing “so much beauty, yet so much hardship intertwined.” That led him to use his love for film and photography to get started in “an initiative to help share stories around the globe of people that have their own dreams and hopes for their communities.”

Micah continues, “While Trostle Films specializes in storytelling, we highly enjoy commercial work, as it helps encourage the growth of local-oriented teams we work with. My dream is to move back to Papua New Guinea in the near future to impact business development and help to expand communities. Within the next 4 years, my aim is to open PNG's first stand-alone film school, so that other young people like myself can have the opportunity to use their gifts and find their callings.”

His mission is “to change the way people see the world through positive media.“

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Some samples of Micah’s work…

Home to the worst slum in the entire Western Hemisphere, Cité Soleil, Haiti, is known for its extreme poverty. An estimated 560,000 children in Haiti under the age of 5 suffer from acute malnutrition. Of these thousands of children, many are orphans. Miriam Frederick from New Life Children's Home has taken several hundred dying children over the years to Port Au Prince to save them from malnutrition. Right now, Haiti is in a serious state politically and economically. They are watching their children cry for food that doesn’t exist after this the seventh day of being forced to barricade themselves in their homes for fear of the dangerous manifestations sweeping the country with roadblocks, burning tires, shooting and killings throughout the entire country. “We have a great vision as we move forward helping the poor, sick, abandoned and/or orphaned children of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many have given up on Haiti and have left, but we have and will continue to stay and press on because of the children. We have done the very best we could with what we have had, and now the need demands that we step out and do more.” Please consider giving today to make an immediate impact in the lives of these Haitian children, and help us to further the Kingdom of God. TO DONATE, please visit New Life Children's Home or visit NEWLIFE4KIDS.ORG or call 561-868-5005.
The desire of creating the video was to highlight and raise awareness of the work and need of Bible translation—particularly in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It, also, was to showcase the beautiful country that it is. Smile. To learn more about the Bible translation movement, the work and those currently engaged in it, please visit To inquire specifically and directly to the work and need in PNG, please email Todd at Who knows? Perhaps God will begin (or continue to?) use you right where you are to help eradicate Bible poverty—there are many support roles needed in addition to translating! Special thanks to Todd Lindley, Anton Lutz, Susan Frey, Anita McCarthy, and Peter Frost for helping make this project possible! Music by NEEDTOBREATHE, "Multiplied"