Cairo Egypt

The concept behind is simple really: we link to what someone else has already uploaded somewhere else. That comes with benefits and drawbacks as it allows us to quickly and easily link without requiring extra work, but it may not provide what the video editor is looking for especially if the content has already been color graded, sped up or slowed down, or had blurs and fades etc. added.

Here is an example of a video I uploaded from a trip to Egypt:

As you can see, that video is edited in such a way that it is fun to watch and doesn’t spend too long on any given scene.

But as a video editor, I would love to spend more time with each clip and have the option of having an ambient audio clip attached.

So I re-edited the clip more from a video editor client’s perspective. Now, if you watch below, you will see that I don’t have any fades, took out all color grading, and went with a normal 100% speed for most except for images I slowed down and removed sound for so that we can capture more of that tourist traveler flare.