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With friends in Mozambique

With friends in Mozambique

Several years ago I left Africa. I had more or less been happily working away at the kinds of important things that the non-profit/NGO sort like to do in developing countries. My family was ready for an American existence, though very few of us were really wanting it, and I jumped into more storytelling for a variety of non-profits with stories from all over the globe.

Finding footage to help round out my visual storytelling was no easy task. Sure, there are plenty of great stock video sites, but they are often lacking the very footage I am looking for because of the remoteness of many of the locations my clients have stories from.

I have been blessed through the years to get to know all kinds of people from all over the globe, many of them media professionals. We wondered if there was some way we could share our footage in a visually sensible, non-technical way? We kicked around several ideas, but ran into roadblocks with platforms that were far out of our reach financially or online storage options that didn’t quite do what we needed.

As I became more familiar with the Squarespace platform, it dawned on me; several of our roadblocks could be avoided by 1) not hosting the storage-hungry videos ourselves, 2) not doing anything directly financial. We could simply link to independent contractors who were already using and uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. From there, customers could see if they find the video they are looking for and communicate directly with the video creator to discuss pricing (if any).

I’m not about to claim that this site will solve the problem so many of us video editors face; it may even create problems of its own though I hope not. But in my mind, it is better to try and fail then to not try at all.

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