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The desire of creating the video was to highlight and raise awareness of the work and need of Bible translation—particularly in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It, also, was to showcase the beautiful country that it is. Smile. To learn more about the Bible translation movement, the work and those currently engaged in it, please visit trostlefilms.com/multiplied To inquire specifically and directly to the work and need in PNG, please email Todd at yourlovewill@gmail.com. Who knows? Perhaps God will begin (or continue to?) use you right where you are to help eradicate Bible poverty—there are many support roles needed in addition to translating! Special thanks to Todd Lindley, Anton Lutz, Susan Frey, Anita McCarthy, and Peter Frost for helping make this project possible! Music by NEEDTOBREATHE, "Multiplied"
Creating a unique business opportunity for Papua New Guinean women in difficult economic situations, Light Up PNG is a program created by the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation that helps to empower women while creating economic independence at the same time. The @MPOWERD Inc. Luci Lights are inflatable solar lights that provide clean energy that people can use in any situation. Trostle Films was proud to partner with the two organizations to contribute to the work that is being done to further women empowerment in Papua New Guinea. �� Special thanks to Cineo Lighting and everyone else that helped make this film possible.
So many young men in the capital city of Papua New Guinea lead broken lifestyles. The Mission is working to help change the lives of these men so that they can go back to their villages and communities and help change them for the better. Watch Joker's Story to see how the mission is helping change these lives through the work of Christ.
'Adventure is the respectful pursuit of trouble'... and there's plenty of trouble to be found in PNG! This trip had it all - mud (all colours), water crossings, steep rutted hill climbs and descents, amazing natural scenery, nighttime 4Wheeling, mechanical problems, classic moments... the REAL Papua New Guinea. Proudly produced in collaboration with Trostle Films and with the community of Doe in Sogeri, together this one's for the history books, and one for Papua New Guinea.
Located in the heart of the Pacific lies the most unique and diversified nation, Papua New Guinea. With 832 living languages in the land, many of the people groups have not one verse of scripture of the Bible translated in their own language. However, PNGBTA (Bible Translation Association) has been actively working to change this. PNGBTA is a Wycliffe organization consisting of Papua New Guineans whose goal is to see all Papua New Guineans transformed by the translated Word of God.